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Book Club at Brunswick Bound

We are starting a book club at Brunswick Bound!

Our first meeting will be at 6.30pm on Wednesday 27 September and we will be discussing Dennis Glover's The Last Man in Europe.

This novel delves into the creation of Orwell's classic work Nineteen Eighty-Four - a book Orwell came to see as his legacy, the culmination of a career spent fighting to preserve the freedoms which the wars and upheavals of the 20th century had threatened.

Written with urgency and in a style not dissimilar to Orwell, The Last Man in Europe should provide some great material for our book club to discuss.

Megan will be hosting our book club.  With almost 20 years experience as a bookseller, many of those spent hosting one book club or another, we are sure you will have an entertaining and informative hour of book talk in her company.

If you'd like to find out more about our book club, email

Father's Day Favourites

Father's Day is fast approaching and we thought we'd help out with some guaranteed good reads for your Dad.

The 7th Function of Language is a thought-provoking conspiracy novel by bestselling French author Laurent Binet, whose previous book HHhH is amongst our perennial bestsellers.  History, philosophy, literature are all turned on their heads in this inventive novel which features literary theorist Roland Barthes in a playful whothunkit... i mean whodunnit.

White Tears is a novel for the music lover and is also a page-turning thriller.  Two students brought together by their love of music are ultimately drawn down a path of greed and self-destruction when they discover and sample an old blues song long forgotten by history.  Or so they thought.

The Mirror Thief is a centuries-spanning, genre-bending tale of money and mysticism set in Venice - that is, 16th century Venice, 1960s Venice Beach, California and the modern day Venice Casino in Las Vegas. All three stories contain amb…