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First Chapters Q&A with James Harding

James Harding was a drug addict and debt collector who operated within the chaotic world of organised crime in Melbourne. Now he is the proud father of five children, a mentor and public speaker who harnesses his experiences from the ‘dark side’ to assist others to be the best version of themselves by encouraging them to unlock their hidden strengths and self-belief.

James Harding will be reading for us from Hard Cuddles at First Chapters on Friday 6 September.

1.Brunswick Bound has asked you to read a piece from your published work.  Tell us what we can expect from the piece you have chosen?
I have chosen to read the chapter about the pacific islander that came to my rescue one cold and lonely night. It’s an emotional story that is based on faith, serendipity and divine timing. It is the story that I often reflect on and is where the idea of using my life experience to help others originated. You can expect me to get the audience completely engaged with an open heart.
2.How would you de…

First Chapters Q&A with Paul Fleckney

Paul Fleckney is a writer, educator and researcher. He teaches urban planning at the University of Melbourne. Paul grew up in England and became fascinated in rave during 1988’s ‘Second Summer of Love’. Too young to experience the acid house explosion firsthand, he read the hysterical headlines in the press and watched the pantomime of moral panic play out on TV. A keen techno music fan, Paul remembers well the bitter disappointment he felt when he first stepped inside a nightclub. He pronounced rave dead, buried beneath a thousand commercial ‘choons’ and a sticky beer-stained carpet. But then a conversation with Melbourne DJ Brewster B. in 2013 renewed his interest in rave. As Paul listened to Brewster’s fascinating and outrageous stories, he realised that through writing about rave he could share in a subculture that had not only eluded him for 25 years but also had transformed the lives of thousands of young Melburnians.
Paul Fleckney will be reading from Techno Shuffle: Rave Cultur…

First Chapters Q&A with Gerii Pleitez

Gerii Pleitez is a fearless new literary voice. Her debut book On The Sunday, She Created Godis a transgressive coming of age story that is both brutal and beautiful. A punk, post-feminist, punch in the face. Gerii's visceral poetic imagery strikes at the heart of what it is to be young, to desire and to want purpose in a world which if often without. She is also the founder of Kara Sevda Press, Australia's first publisher dedicated to illuminating the voices of local women of colour. The imprint is the cutting edge of modern literature and publishing; underground, digitally distinct and iconoclastic in it's ethos. On The Sunday, She Created God was the first book released on the imprint and will be followed by a journal publication featuring work from women of colour to be released in 2020.

Gerii Pleitez will be reading from On the Sunday, She Created God at First Chapters on Friday 4 October.
1. Brunswick Bound has asked you to read a piece from your published work. Tell …