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Book Review - In The Garden of the Fugitives by Ceridwen Dovey

It was with great excitement that I picked up In the Garden of Fugitives (Hamish Hamilton, $33) by Australian author Ceridwen Dovey as I adored her short story collection Only the Animals.
I wasn't disappointed.

In the Garden of Fugitives is a story that encompasses the big stuff - history, humanity, art, love, power, race, belonging - and it is a witty, compelling and thought-provoking read.
The book unfolds as correspondence between the much older and failing Royce and his one-time protege, Vita at a time of reflection for both of them.
The frisson between the characters is bound up in the disappointment of their desires - a one-sided love affair for Royce and a sense of belonging for Vita - and by their obsessive natures.
The consequence of money and the power it wields (no matter what your endeavour) is subtly explored as it underpins many of the relationships in the book.
However, Vita's foray into psychoanalysis left me with no doubt that the true aim of this book was to …