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First Chapters Q&A with Corey J. White

Corey J. White is a writer of science-fiction, horror and other, harder to define stories.  He is the facilitator of the nothing here newsletter featuring commentary and opinion from Marlee Jane Ward, Austin Armatys, John English and m1k3y.  Corey is also one half of Oh Nothing Press, purveyors of narratively-dense artefacts and weird cultural errata.
Corey will be reading from Killing Gravity, the first book in the VoidWitch Saga trilogy at First Chapters on Friday 1 February.  
We asked him some questions to get to know him better.  Here's what he said.
1. Brunswick Bound has asked you to read a chapter from your published work.  Tell us what we can expect from the chapter you have chosen?
I’m going to read a chapter from early in Killing Gravity – one that introduces readers to most of the important characters across the full trilogy, and will also give them a good idea of tone of the series, and the sort of action they can expect.
2. How would you describe the kind of books tha…

Junior Book Club Review of "You Must Already Be A Winner" by Chloe

By Chloe (age 11)

I really enjoyed this book because I liked the storyline and the themes it was set on.  I found the book had a major issue although most of the drama happened in the last part of the book. 
It was slow to get to the drama because the story just kept going through Olivia's everyday life, one day at a time, where some some stories might skip a week to get to the exciting part.

I noticed that most of the sentences were simple sentences rather than compound and complex sentences.

The story held a really important theme of care/help, ignorance and truth.  Olivia and Berk didn't have much of an idea about what was going on with their parents, so I think their parents should have sat down with Olivia and Berk to tell them what was going on and not to hide the truth from them.

I think that Bart is a really important part of the story.  As soon as Bart comes into the story he gives Olivia hope.  She then starts to face every day with a bit more of a positive attitude…