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First Chapters Q&A with Louisa Deasey

Louisa Deasey is a Melbourne-based writer who has published widely, including in OverlandVogueThe Australian, and The Saturday Age.  Her first memoir, Love and Other U-Turns, was nominated for the Nita B. Kibble Award for women writers.
Louisa will be reading from A Letter From Paris at First Chapters on Friday 7 June.

1. Brunswick Bound has asked you to read a piece from your published work.  Tell us what we can expect from the piece you have chosen?
I’m going to read a little that gives you a taste of the unanswered questions I had about my father my entire life, and why I never looked into his life until this A LetterFrom Paris arrived.
2. How would you describe the kind of books that you write?
Memoir. I studied Creative Non-Fiction at RMIT and have always loved the personal essay. Both my published books are memoir – even though A Letter From Paris has a lot of biography and history, too! I just love non-fiction, mainly.
3.What was the first book that you read (or had read to yo…

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