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First Chapters Q&A with Hugh McGinlay

Hugh McGinlay is a Melbourne based writer and musician.  
He was recently longlisted for the Ned Kelly Awards in the category of Best Crime for Pachyderm, which Hugh will be reading from at First Chapters on Friday 7 September.

1.Brunswick Bound has asked you to read a chapter from your published work.  Tell us what we can expect from the chapter you have chosen?
I’ll be reading from my second book, Pachyderm. Pachyderm begins with a description of an elephant’s anus. It’s my contribution to the literary canon of this planet.
2.How would you describe the kind of books that you write?
Utopian crime fiction.
3.What was the first book that you read (or had read to you) that left an impression on you?
I guess they all did, but I talk about Wizard of Earthsea more than most of the books I read as a child.
4.Do you believe that books should answer life’s big questions?
Only by accident.
5.What’s your go-to solution for writer’s block?
My crippling fear of failure usually wins out in the end.

First Chapters Q&A with Harry Saddler

Harry Saddler is the author of We Both Know: Ten Stories About Relationships (2005) and Small Moments (2007), a short novel about the aftermath of the Canberra bushfires of 2003, both published by Ginninderra Press.  In 2014 he was a join winner of the Melbourne Writers' Festival/Blurb Inc "Blog-to-Book Challenge" for his blog Noticing Animals, resulting in his third book Not Birdwatching: Reflections on Noticing Animals.  His non-fiction writing about the ecological, physical and philosophical interactions between humans and animals has been published online at Meanjin and The Wheeler Centre, and in print in The Lifted Brow.  He has twice been shortlisted for The Lifted Brow's Prize for Experimental Non-Fiction.  Harry will be reading at First Chapters on Friday 7 September from his latest book, The Eastern Curlew.

1. Brunswick Bound has asked you to read a chapter from your published work.  Tell us what we can expect from the chapter you have chosen? I'll be re…

Love Your Bookshop Day

It's Love Your Bookshop Day on Saturday 11 August and to celebrate we are giving away a First Chapters prize pack.  You could win those 15 titles that have been read by local authors since we started the event series back in April.

The prize includes Grungewick by Michael Winkler With the Music by Nichola Scurry The Rain Never Came by Lachlan Walter The Eyeball End by Ali MC Gunshine State by Andrew Nette Live And Let Fry by Sue Williams Rapture by Jeremy Stanford Alma Mahler by Sasha Dimovski (translated and read by Paul Filev) Relatively Famous by Roger Averill Elizabeth Macarthur by Michelle Scott Tucker The Everlasting Sunday by Robert Lukins The Fireflies of Autumn by Moreno Giovannoni The Unexpected Education of Emily Dean by Mira Robertson Get Up Mum by Justin Heazlewood The Worry Front by HC Gildfind
We will draw and announce the winner on Love Your Bookshop Day - simply visit Brunswick Bound between now and Saturday 11 August for your chance to win.

Thank you to all the authors who hav…