Fundraising for Movimento Letras

At the end of last year we wrapped many a book for Brunswickian Christmases.  We had great fun doing it and are so grateful to everyone who donated, by way of thanks, to Movimento Letras.
Movimento Letras is an independent literary movement, founded in Dili, that promotes literacy and provides spaces for people to connect and share stories.

Here is a note from them
"Movimento Letras is an independent literary movement founded in 2017 by a small group of Timorese activists, whose aim is to create a vibrant literary culture in Dili, Timor-Leste.
We have a small library and weekly we occupy a public garden that is open to anyone who wishes to participate.  In the library there are many books and materials that are not available elsewhere through public and private institutions, all of which have been donated.  The space is also used for workshops including zine making, teen and adult reading clubs plus presentations and guest talks.

Your contribution through Brunswick Bound will be used to produce and print books in local languages, which are much needed.  From all those who work on this project and those who will benefit from it far into the future, we wholeheartedly thank you for your donation.  Our space is open to all and if you would like more information or find yourself in Dili, you have a place to come, read, connect and share."

The money we raised was sent to Movimento Letras last month.  We have just found out that this money will be used for a Literary Festival  to raise awareness around reading and writing in order to celebrate World Book Day on 7 March.

Movimento Letras will be inviting writers to talk about their creative process and to host writing workshops.  We can't wait to hear more about it.

If you'd like to further support Movimento Letras, you can.  Our friends at Wild Dingo Press are donating $5 from each sale of From Timor-Leste To Australia: Seven Families, Three Generations Tell Their Stories (rrp$19.95) edited by Jan Trezise to the movement.  We have copies in store.

You can also visit Movimento Letras.  Local photographer and author (The Eyeball End) Ali MC brought the movement to our attention after he spent time with them in Timor-Leste last year.  He tells us that they are always looking for writers and creative people to visit and work with locals on workshops and other creative pursuits.  So if you are in the area...

Thanks again to everyone who supported this fundraising at Christmas time.  If you'd like to make contact with Movimento Letras you can do so via their Facebook page.


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